About me



Hello! My name is Jenny Lehmann and I’m a digital artist. I mainly focus on digital painting and I love to invent new worlds, stories, and especially characters. I recently finished my Bachelor studies at the University of Offenburg, where I studied filmdesign and IT, focussing on Animation (especially rigging), Conceptart and Illustration.
Drawing and painting has become a very important part of my life in the last years and I hope it will be part of my job in the future, too. I started painting seriously when I was 19, for most of my artwork I use SAI PaintTool and Photoshop CS6. For special drawing elements I also use Corel Painter 12 and Flame Painter, but of course I also doodle a lot and do traditional work with indian ink, watercolors, pencils, and charcoal. For Animation I mainly use After Effects, Toon Boom Studio 6, Houdini, Maya and Cinema 4D.
Of course I am always trying to improve myself, so please feel free to send a constructive critique, or contact me personally, by writing an email to: info@jennyeight.com

Most of my art is personal work: You can use it for non-commercial projects without asking for permission, as long as you:
1. Credit me
2. Put a link to my homepage or one of my internet portfolios (such as deviantart), and
3. Don’t sell it or use it for illegal purposes.
I don’t own the fanart characters I draw, so please don’t use or distribute these paintings for anything besides private work.


Enjoy discovering my homepage and my portfolio. If you have any other remaining questions, feel free to contact me, via email.