My first Artbook

Whee, my first selfmade artbook finally arrived. (It’s just a private project so there’s only one copy for me and one for my parents, but hey! ;D)
After I did so many sketches and artworks for my VIGOLERIA-project in the past two months I decided to put all of them together and make some kind of collection. (there’s maybe 10-12 artworks that have been existing before already but the rest of 120 pages are full of new work (& some text, german only!)
You might be interested in the pdf-Version though:
It’s only a very lowRes copy, as the print file was HUGE, sorry!
If you are interested you can email me for requesting a bigger version!

Okay now SCROLL DOWN for my sketchbook, that’s why you visited this page! 😀

July 2015


Playing around with Maya and Zbrush (Left one is LowPoly with SubDiv, Right one is the final Zbrush bust, overpainted in Photoshop)


May 2015


Some little sketch animations for a game some friends and I are planning to implement. The main character of the game will be Zwamel the Onion, who tries to rescue is his best friend Bill the Carot from the evil hamsters and the hungry gardener 😀